“It befits our brethren, may Allah give them strength, to not despise any field of knowledge, or shun a particular book, or bear prejudice towards a certain faith. Indeed our philosophy and our faith encompass all faiths and all knowledge.”
Rasaa'il Ikhwan al-Safaa


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Now, more than ever we need to change our regular patterns of life for the greater good of nature and the planet.

On #WorldEnvironmentDay and everyday, the Dawoodi Bohras stay commited to show care #ForNature and flip the switch to sustainability.
@andersen_inger @AfrozShah1

We are deeply saddened by the recent events in the U.S. The Dawoodi Bohra community supports the human rights of all global citizens and condemns injustice and prejudice in any shape or form. #HumanRights

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