Yemen – Rural Redevelopment

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Yemeni bohras harvesting honey

In Yemen, the community is concentrated in the capital Sana'a and spread across the villages along the stepped terraces of the rural mountains of Haraaz.

Syedna's administration has run a substantial redevelopment project there for several decades putting in place roads, irrigation, sanitation, renewable energy, schools, medical facilities and modern communications.

The battle against qat, a World Health Organisation classified drug of abuse that has stifled the economic and social development of Yemen for decades, is an arduous one as the practice of qat-chewing is deeply embedded into Yemeni society. In recent years, almost 300,000 trees of catha edulis have been uprooted through awareness campaigns targeted at local farmers and with the help of volunteers from the community from outside Yemen.

Ventures such as animal husbandry and bee keeping supplement the coffee plantations which have been reintroduced to replace qat growing as a farming business and also helped to restore the savoured Mocha brand of Yemeni coffee.