National press covers Bohras' 5-day welfare drive

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Syedna watching as a vaccine is administered

Indian national press reports on upliftment drive

The 5-day nationwide welfare 'upliftment' initiative by Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS came to an end Monday – January 2nd.

Over 4000 volunteers from all over India and from as far afield as the UK and Gulf countries fanned out across over 200 towns and cities to attend to households in need of restorative work or relocation.

The 5-day upliftment drive featured daytime work on households in critical need of renovation work or reorganization, planting of trees and plants around community properties and private homes, clearing and cleaning of community properties and grounds, erection of playground and sports facilities, dental hygiene and vaccination for children and a sports day and breakfast on the Sunday morning of New Year's Day.

Evenings were marked by hour long lecture presentations featuring topics on the Quran, health, education, traditions, the Happy Threads women's co-operative scheme and gainful business . The lectures were presented by Al Jamea tus Saifiyah alumni and professionals from these various fields.

Happy Threads is an initiative designed to harness the crocheting and sewing skills, particularly of ladies from less well-off households, and bring them together to form a collective. The products they make include floral design purses, bookmarks and bags which are then brought to a central distribution office in Surat before being shipped out to the US for sale online in North America.

The education program was run by Mahad al-Hasanat al-Burhaniyah; a body dedicated to bringing together students from all backgrounds and providing them with career counselling and funding for higher education. One gathering of 16-28 year olds took place immediately after the sermon in the Vasai Road masjid.

The drive has been covered by the Indian national press amongst which are the following publications:

The Asian Age,

Free Press Journal,

India Today.

Syedna Saifuddin referenced the drive in his milad sermon where he commended the efforts so far whilst at the same time emphasizing that a great deal more is yet to be done. His keenness on the provision of quality sports facilities and play areas was further added to as he expressed the desire that where possible swimming pools should also be made.