Bike lovers make Sunday morning cross-Mumbai trek

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Girls in command through Mumbai's traffic

Girls in command through Mumbai's traffic

4th December 2016

Fitness and fun are a sometimes elusive combination to manage but if the smiling faces are anything to go by then the Marol Cycling Club seemed to have achieved just that on an early morning bike ride across-Mumbai to Raudat Tahera.

105 riders aged between 8 and 60 years old took to the pedals in Marol village – close to the international airport - at around 6.30 am on this cool December Sunday morning for the 25km ride to Bhendi Bazaar towards the south of Mumbai.

Their number was bolstered by 3 riders of just four years of age who accompanied them for a small distance on their tricycles. Water and glucose drinks were provided at 3 stops along the route and supporting adults in cars kept pace with the group in case of any aid being required along the way.

The ride took around 3 and a half hours to complete and upon arriving they changed their cycling gear for traditional attire in order to enter the mausoleum for ziyarat. The riders had intended their journey to be a small pilgrimage with a prayer for the long life of the 53rd da’i Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS and, in what was seen as a nice portent, of the total of 105 cyclists who took part there were 53 who were aged between 8 and 15.

While the cyclists paid their respects in the mausoleum their bicycles were loaded onto a truck for the return journey to Marol. The cyclists themselves boarded buses to return armed with well-earned snacks, fruit and beverages, probably also a few aches and pains and undoubtedly an overwhelming feeling of achievement and satisfaction.