International Women's Day - IVS Students present artwork Theses

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Two Zainabs and Mohammed; (from left to right) Abdul Hussain, Sheikhbhoy and Runija

December 2017, Karachi,

In December last year the students of Indus Valley School presented their art theses. Three of the students were Bohras and female students were two to the male one. All three deserve our congratulations and best wishes for the future, but the achievement of the two ladies is relevant to International Women's Day.

The arrival of December may not always mark the onset of winters in Karachi but it surely means that budding artists are ready to showcase their thesis works at the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture (IVS).

Artwork by the graduating students of IVS in the fields of fine arts, textiles, architecture, interior design and communication design were on display at the school from December 4 to December 8.

Zainab Muhammad Sheikhbhoy used the idea of the city-scape in her project ‘Karachi’ to help the viewers experience multiple perspectives of the city. The artist uses videos on segmented surfaces to give the feel of Karachi’s buildings and roads as well as the seashore.

The project titled ‘Pardah/Chaddar’ (veil)by Zainab Abdul Hussain gave another dimension to the ‘rida’ worn by women of the Dawoodi Bohra Community. Zainab sketched various pieces which showed how objects around us are covered by a cloth. She also made some crafty miniature sketches to represent the same idea.

Zainab Abdul Hussain

Coming from a Dawoodi Bohra community, the Rida is a communal attire, which women wear in order to cover themselves. I started my work by identifying the Rida as a form of protection. Referring to this, my research and observations led me to capture visuals of various covered objects in my surroundings - among public and private spaces such as streets, markets and houses in Karachi.

The visuals that I have chosen are meant to connect and relate to the viewer because clothing and covering is one of the basic human necessities; it is through the cloth or ‘chaadar’ that one often seeks protection. This notion is reflected in my study of objects like vehicles, food and other valued material that have been covered by their owners, to shield them from any kind of external harm or damage.

Mohammed Runija

Since my childhood I had the habit of disjoining toys to understand their mechanisms. The curiosity of knowing more about mechanisms led me to build instruments by using daily life objects that are used to pour liquids such as taps, funnels and kettles and amalgamating these with machines that are controlled by motors or by nature. These new objects are meant to create paintings and new tools that assist painting.

Mohammed was given a distinction for his thesis.

Zainab Mohammed Sheikhbhoy

We share a geographical location and yet we are divided, this is something which ignited my curiosity to explore cityscapes. I translated my observation of these cityscapes such as buildings, sea side and roads which are shared by everyone. By displacing it to create an experiential sense, I have created video projections on various segmented surfaces. This highlights the divisions and creates room for viewers to experience multiple perspectives of a city.

The students' work is presented in the gallery.