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Syedna Taher Saifuddin's Dedication of Saifee Villa in Dandi to the Nation

Syedna Taher Saifuddin believed that as a result of its hallowed place in the history of the nation, Saifee Villa in Dandi belonged not only to the Bohra community but to the entire nation.

The Veiled House

A look at the history and significance of the Kaaba's curtains

How a Bohra Family Established Itself as a Shanghai Business Powerhouse

Tracing the history of the Ebrahim family's business history that spans across Shanghai, Hong Kong and Bombay and is HSBC's oldest surviving client.

The people of Haraaz Succeed in Uprooting Qat trees and Replacing them with Coffee

Qat all but completely replaced by coffee and other economically profitable food crops in the Haraaz

Body and Soul - The Primeval Bond

An exploration of the primeval bond between body and soul

100 Govandi children benefit from Bohra funding

Fight Hunger Foundation’s health centre in Govandi has screened 13,000 kids; 200 being treated and fed for free with support from Dawoodi Bohras.

"Strokes ‘n’ Shades" - Art Workshop in Colombo

Talebaat-il-Mumenaat (Colombo) had their annual Eid gathering in the form of a pop-up painting workshop aptly called Strokes 'n' Shade.

'BohraConnect' app aims to hook customers and businesses together

A group of young Bohra entrepreneurs launch the BohraConnect app under the guidance of Al-Tijaarat al-Raabehah.

'Project Rise' launched in concert with 'Fight Hunger Foundation'

Mumbai's Dawoodi Bohra community partners with Fight Hunger Foundation and launches 'Project Rise' to tackle malnutrition.

Who's a Cube Boy then!

Aamir Saifee takes Indian record for 2x2 cube

Ramadan; The Month of Duʿā (Supplication)

Duʿā (supplication) is an integral part of the Holy Month of Ramadan, but what is duʿā, and how does it function?

VIDEO: Yemen Coffee Project

For over a decade Shabbir Ezzi has been grappling with the task of giving new life to cultivation of Yemen’s renowned coffee

Tough as Nails in a Hard Trade

Kolkata mother of three revives family hardware business in market dominated by men.

The great Dawoodi Bohra Cook-Off!

Celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor is the chief judge in Bohra cooking contest

An Intellectual Renaissance

A look at Al-Imtihan al-Sanawi, the Annual Examinations at Aljamea-tus-Saifiyah, taking place in Surat

Good Health For All

Dawoodi Bohras across the globe celebrated the spirit of World Health Day by undertaking various health programmes

Dawoodi Bohras Throng to Mumbai for Urs Mubarak

The million-strong community gathered to commemorate the urs of Syedna Taher Saifuddin in Raudat Tahera.

The Divine Transformation

A look back at the transition of the office of al-dai al-mutlaq after the passing of Dr Syedna Taher Saifuddin, to Dr Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin

Leicester’s Dawoodi Bohras prepare for new masjid opening

Bishop describes Bohras as a ‘nucleus’ of Leicester community

'Patriotism' at heart of Rawdat al-Quran al-Kareem Annual Day

Rawdat al-Quran al-Kareem's third Annual Day program focused on patriotism

Faith fights diabetes

University of Leicester blog post highlights co-ordination with communities for walk on diabetes awareness.

Video: Bohras' Diabetes Charity Walk gets Leicester Moving

Leicester Bohras' charity walk for diabetes this coming Sunday promoted in this video by MP Keith Vaz and other Leicester citizens

International Women’s Day - Lifting the Veil: Women in Islam

Misconceptions abound about the rights and roles of women in Islam. We look at the Quran and Hadith to see what they really should be.

International Women’s Day - In conversation with the CEO of Swan

11 year old Zahra runs SWAN - a personal care product company that only uses organic ingredients

International Women’s Day - Eyes on the Stars

Mariya Ratlami is a scientist at the Indian Space Research Organisation. She spoke to DBWRF.

International Women’s Day - Bohra Women’s Organisations and What They Do

We take a brief look at the various ladies’ organisation in the community

International Women’s Day - Life in Heels and the Parachute Rida!

Two women talk about their experiences of living and working whilst wearing the Bohra rida

International Women's Day - East Africa Arts Biennale goes regional

Paper quilling artist Fatema Qureish exhibited as part of the East Africa arts festival earlier this year

International Women's Day - IVS Students present artwork Theses

In December, Bohra students from the Indus Valley School of Architecture were among those featured by Pakistan's 'The News'

Annual Planning Meeting of MSB Schools convened in Mumbai

Annual meeting for exchange of ideas takes place at Badri Mahal

This century-old ‘paghdi’ shop binds 3 generations

Indian Express columnist Sadaf Modak talks to Shabbir Dawood Paghdiwala about the age-old art of making 'pagdhis' - at his shop in Bhendi Bazaar

One hundred years behind the bazaar

Mid-day columnist Meher Marfatia goes behind the scenes to find the history of Bhendi Bazaar Old residents and shopkeepers of Bhendi Bazaar, now on the cusp of redevelopment, trace its heyday

The Bohras of Sri Lanka – Plucky Business Barons

Writer Asiff Hussein offers a colourful insight into the historical and contemporary story of the Bohra community of Sri Lanka.

Good vibes in temporary home

Singapore's Straits Times talks to a resident of the Mumbai Transit Facility for those awaiting their new homes in the redeveloped Bhendi Bazaar

Dubai Primes for Syedna's Visit with New Structures for Inauguration

Renovated masjid, expanded MSB school and a residential complex will be inaugurated during Syedna's current visit to the Emirate

In Photos: The Magnificent Mansions of the Bohras of Sidhpur

The National Geographic takes us on a photo tour of the beautiful Bohra mansions of Sidhpur

Sidhpur: Waking the Sleeping Beauty of Gujarat

The National Geographic takes a walk and through the Bohra homes of Sidhpur

Nagpur artist's Shadow Sculpture brings back traditional memories

Maria Shakir is an artist in Nagpur. She was recently featured in The Bangalore Mirror for her work, 'Riwayet - A Shadow Sculpture'

Bhendi Bazaar to retain ‘old world’ charm

DNA reports on how SBUT intends to preserve the old world charm of Bhendi Bazaar even as it modernizes it.

A year on - Leicester’s upliftment of a home in India

We look back to last year’s upliftment program and Leicester jamaat’s efforts in India

The Prophet Eesa (Jesus)

As Christmas is celebrated we reflect on some of the teachings of Prophet Eesa

Chennai take the spoils in International Volleyball Final

Chennai see off Bengaluru's South Indian derby challenge in Burhani Sports International Volleyball Tourney

Kolkata School has gift for mothers in the festive season

Saifee Golden Jubilee English Public School opens creche for employees' children

Swedish student joins UN global goals awareness program

Maria Gulamhusein sets out her aims as a young ambassador of the UN Association of Sweden.

Croydon businessman awarded Freedom of London City

Businessman from South London awarded Freedom of the City of London for charity and community work.

26th Dec, Upliftment Updates - Text & Photos: Leicester jamaat reach out to homeless

Food, warm clothing distributed to shelter and those on the streets as part of Syedna's Upliftment program

First Inter-MSB Art Competition takes place in Nasik

Children from MSB institutes around India take part in art competition

12th Rabi ul Awwal, Mawlid and the Hijri-Misri Calendar

The hijrat took place on the same day and date as the birth of the Prophet Mohammed SA and it is from that year that the Islamic calendar dates. This article examines the lunar basis of the Bohra calendar.

A Pound of Twist, Hasanat takes to the A.I.R. for Shakespeare Play

Hasanat High School brought in Ahmedabad-based Artist in Residence team for production of Merchant in Venice play

‘The World’s Most Dangerous Room’ - The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Site

Time magazine described ground zero at the Fukushima Nuclear disaster as the ‘The World’s Most Dangerous Room’. Arfakshad Munaim was part of a scientific team that worked there in the aftermath. He tells us something about his project to rehabilitate the area.

A Class Apart - Hasanat High School is highlighted in Forbes India feature

Article on XSeed Educational Company watches it in action in Attalim School in Andheri

Special Feature on Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin

Special Feature on Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin - South Asia Magazine

Karachi Tales - A look back on the Moharram experience

We spoke to some of those who attended Ashara in Karachi, some of them first time attendees of Ashara with Syedna, and hear what they had to say about their experiences.

Murtaza Tajbhoy, the first Sri Lankan to win IAA Champion Award

Murtaza Tajbhoy, Chief Strategy Officer of Leo Burnett Sri Lanka was awarded the IAA Champion award. He is the first Sri Lankan to win this prestigious accolade.

Whizzo Art competition at MSB Kolkata

Kolkata MSB hosts inter-school art competition

Karachi - By Aziz Poonawala

Aziz Poonawala documents his travels to Karachi, for the Moharram 1439H congregation.

Khalaf from Hamzah - a look at the features of recitation of Al-Qur'an by Shahzada Husain bhaisaheb

There are 10 authentic 'qira'at' - readings - of the Qur'an. We look at that of Khalaf 'an Hamzah as recited in this Ashara Mubraka in Karachi.

Kamal Siddiqi says 'THANK YOU Syedna'

The Bohra community event is a hundred times what the World Eleven matches were. There is little or no state money involved......

Spoiled for choice, within 200-year-old Bohri Aali

The Times of India takes a stroll through Pune's 200 year old Bohri Aali mercantile hub

In 10 days, 70 people sign up with SBUT for transit homes

To convince residents, the trust is using social media and highlighting stories of people who have chosen life over a dangerous home - DNA reports

Riders on the Storm

Economic Times reports on Indian community's efforts in Houston Hurricane Harvey relief efforts

The Hajj

As of the 9th of Zil-Hijjah the Hajj begins and 1000s of Bohras will be among the millions who have thronged to Mecca to fulfil this tenet of Islam

British era shops in Pune run by Bohris still do brisk business

The Times of India features shops still running since the days of The Raj in Pune

Fatimid Gardens - Part II

We continue our look at the article on Fatimid gardens by Dr. Stephan Pradines, with a gallery of unique landscape features from India's Bohra mausoleum grounds (mazaars) today.

A paper flag as a gift to Syedna unfolds into a flourishing business

Fatema Qureish has enjoyed art since childhood but never imagined that one day she would be the leading paper artist in Kenya.

Twitter: US Ambassador to Kenya hosts iftaar dinner

Bohras were amongst the US Ambassador, Bob Godec's guests for an iftaar dinner in Nairobi

Video: And yet more on dates! On 'BohraTalks', Husain Dalal gets to the heart of the fruit.

'BohraTalks' - Writer Husain Dalal explains the health benefits of the date; especially as a fast (breaking) food

Delightful Dates: Creative variations on the desert fruit

Ideas on making this iftaar staple even more interesting

Video: MP Stephen Pound gives a birthday wish to Syedna as he joins tree planting drive

Right Honourable MP For Ealing North (London) joined the London community in Northolt and put his green fingers to work

A unique tree and its unique fruit - the date palm

Ramadhan means iftaar and iftaar means dates. We take a brief look at dates and their remarkable fruit bearing tree - the date-palm.

Thomson Reuters looks at bhendi bazaar revamp

"We have often felt embarrassed to say where we live; we have even heard of marriage proposals being rejected for people who live here," said Nallwalla, 24, a PhD student.

Bohras invite strangers from community for iftar dinner

After the Maghrib or evening prayers when most Muslims rest briefly before they get ready for another session of nightly prayers during Ramdhan, Fatima Yusuf Lokhandwala has a big job at hand.

Video: Sri Lanka Floods; A news report on relief efforts

The Bohra community's humble flood relief efforts - Colombo, Sri Lanka

Video: How to correctly plant a tree

A step-by-step guide to planting a sapling

Syedna initiates Ramadhan tree-planting drive, targeting 200,000 new trees worldwide

This Ramadhan His Holiness Dr Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS has expressed a desire that at least 200,000 trees be planted worldwide. Let us join hands towards fulfilling His Holiness's this wish and make our planet a better place to live in.

Strong traditions, savoury flavours (and a palidu recipe)

Bohra Muslim iftar at the Saeeds is a treat of culture and cuisine. Gulf News reports.

Tasneem Bhindarwala Follow-up Q&A - From Michigan to Madagascar

Following up from the article on her semester of research and discovery in Madagascar, Ann Arbor graduate Tasneem Bhindarwala kindly answered tdb.com's questions on the whole experience.

Fātịmid Gardens - Archaeological and historical perspectives

Gardens have become a central feature of Bohra properties. Places of pilgrimage, masjids, schools, the Jameas and the current revamp of Bhendi Bazaar all incorporate substantial areas of vegetation and foliage. A new study by Professor Stephane Pradines finds a Fātịmid legacy for these gardens and open spaces dating back a thousand years.

The Raudat Tahera and the Power of Religion to Induce Cooperation - Alex Tabarrok

American economist Alex Tabarrok pens down his thoughts on Raudat Tahera & the Bhendi Bazaar Upliftment Project. ‪

The Jamea of Africa - a millenium of Fatemi learning comes to life in Kenya

Fatemi learning established itself in Africa on the banks of the Nile in Cairo. A thousand years later it is rekindled once more in Africa - near the source of the Nile - in the form of Nairobi's Aljamea-tus-Saifiyah.

The Inauguration of Aljamea-tus-Saifiyah, Nairobi – A Personal Perspective

Dr Mustafa Izzuddin, adjunct professor at Aljamea-tus-Saifiyah, Surat, teaches at the National University of Singapore. Here he gives his reflections on his experience of the annual exams.

Peace Campus

Times of India writer Mohammed Wajihuddin's editorial piece on Nairobi Jamea on Speaking Tree.

From Michigan to Madagascar - Tasneem Bhindarwala's Bachelor of Arts degree from Ann Arbor, Michigan, took in a Madagascan adventure.

Tasneem Bhindarwala's Bachelor of Arts degree from Ann Arbor, Michigan, took in a Madagascan adventure.

Arabic academy of Dawoodi Bohra community inaugurated in Nairobi

The Al Jamea-tus-Saifiyah academy in Nairobi

High, Wide and Handsome - Residents speak of Bhendi Bazaar's expansion

Bhendi Bazaar residents speak of their hopes for the area's expansion - in Malaysia's Sun daily newspaper.

Colombo Sez holds milad carnival

it was fun and games all around as Bohras and non-Bohras alike came together at the annual milad carnival in Colombo late March.

Bhendi bazaar - A case study in redevelopment

'The Hindu' newspaper features the Bhendi Bazaar redevelopment project in South Mumbai which has emerged as a model for large scale redevelopment in other cities across India and abroad. It has even become a prominent case study in urban renewal in several foreign universities and town planning colleges.

Google celebrates Hassan Fathy - world famous lead architect of Al-Masjid Al-Anwar renovation

World famous Egyptian architect Hassan Fathy - lead architect in the renovation of al-Masjid al-Anwar in Cairo - was celebrated by Google on the occasion of his 117th birthday in March.

Rajkot students rally against tobacco

Following Syedna'sTUS prescription of taking a little honey to combat tobacco addiction, MSB and madrasah students in Rajkot took to the the streets with an anti-tobacco message.

update: Kuwait triumph in kunuz premier league grande finale

Kuwait Ladies triumph in worldwide Kunuz contest finale on Sunday 19th March

Al-Nadi al-Burhani lift inaugural International Saifee Burhani T10 Cricket cup

The first ever international edition of the SBT10 cricket tournament was won by Al-Nadi al-Burhani who triumphed over hosts Mumbai in the final.

Bohras in San Francisco Usher in Spring with gathering of Friendship and Commitment to Service

Fremont Bohras in San Francisco, California, hosted a Spring-welcoming gathering with local community leaders where the city mayor presented them with a certificate for their role in enhancing cultural diversity and the economy.

Mother Of Cerebral Palsy Patient Becomes Doctor At 35, Son Becomes A Doctor himself

After her newly born son was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, Dr Fatima Jetpurwala decided that the best way to care for him would be to become a doctor herself.

Students and teachers paint a bit of the town red - and other colours

Bohra pupils and teachers let the creative juices and paints flow onto a 2km long wall in a Burhani Foundation led clean-up initiative

Colombo City Circle members take an eye-opening tour of the city's Bohra masjid

Members of Colombo's CCC were given a guided tour of the city's main Bohra masjid and came away with many misconceptions shed.

Communities come together to make sandwiches for the homeless at LA masjid

Jews, Christians, Bohras and Youth group join forces to prepare sandwich packets for the homeless

A Bohra sees a reflection of herself in the film, 'Hidden Figures'

A Houston engineering student sees some of her own experiences in the Oscar-nominated depiction of NASA's hidden women figures.

A lyrical chat with a poet

Poetess Mrs Sakina Shabbir Dossaji has her life and career featured in Tanzania's 'The Citizen' newspaper

Scoop! Bhendi Bazaar's best kept secret is an old ice-cream shop

Scoop! Bhendi Bazaar's best kept secret is an old ice-cream shop

When Valiji, a Bohra entrepreneur, set up Taj Ice Cream around 1887, ice was still a luxury item and electricity had arrived in the city only five years earlier.

Mumbai MSB girls win science research competition

Mumbai MSB girls win science research competition

MSB students top Mumbai research project competition with survey on quality of packaged milk

MSB students win top awards

MSB students win top awards

A student of the year in Mumbai and a bronze in a multi-school science quiz earned laurels for MSB

 Raja reigns again

US telecoms company joins in upliftment effort in Indian townships

Supporting global and local non-profits, Exordium Networks Inc, is on a mission to aid in sustainable upliftment efforts - financially and hands on and to encourage young women in their pursuit to make a difference in the world.

Shahzada Husain bhaisaheb Burhanuddin views an exhibit  at Mumbai MSB

MSB Educational Institutes hold 'Business & Leadership' exhibitions

Students of MSB Educational Institutes across the world hold programmes on how to do business in the modern age based on time-honoured principles of honesty and integrity

Reaching out a hand - Swarthmore student joins in NGO help for immigrants

Reaching out a hand - Swarthmore student joins in NGO help for immigrants

For the next few hours, Khomusi will once again be a part of a critical process that often goes unseen: helping refugees and low income immigrants navigate the complexities of American society.

Artist's impression of Bhendi Bazaar after redevelopment

Prince Ezzuddin felicitates Physics Nobel Laureate at AMU convocation

Shahzada (Prince) Dr Qaidjoher Bhaisaheb Ezzuddin, representative of His Holiness Dr Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS, Chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University, presented the community's customary shawl to honour Nobel Laureate Professor Takaaki Kajita.

'We the people, we the arts' finalist for UN Zero Hunger campaign

'We the people, we the arts' finalist for UN Zero Hunger campaign

"The inspiration for my painting comes from my own personal experience when I walk down the streets of Karachi simply buying food for myself, where little children approach me, asking for food or money..."

From qat to coffee and record rainfall in the Haraaz

From qat to coffee and record rainfall in the Haraaz

A brief look at the successful supplanting of a drug crop with coffee by The Haraaz Mumineen Upliftment Office; which celebrates a decade since inception in this Hijri year.

Pune’s bustling Bohri Ali market

Young hands reach out in Indian money squeeze

Rawdat al Quran students bring relief to public in Mumbai ATM queues

Bohra ladies wearing the traditional rida

Accepting the rida – a struggle turns to serenity

A young Canadian Bohra woman grapples with the wearing of the rida. A struggle both in her own mind as well as with the perception she expects from others.

Artist's impression of Bhendi Bazaar after redevelopment

Beautifying Bhendi Bazaar

Intro Work begins to redevelop Mumbai's Bhendi Bazaar, a project that could set the tone for redesigning other such clusters in the country. From the Sunday Business Standard.

Paintings from the African wildlife

Paintings from the African wildlife

Mrs Samina Sachak recently displayed her stunning wildlife paintings at Mumbai's prestigious Jehangir Art Gallery. This is her story.

Pune's bustling Bohri Ali market

Vintage Pune Market Street Hits the Internet Highway

Bohri Ali, the century old market street in the heart of Pune takes its piece of 21st century ecommerce real estate

The mural of Taheri Masjid and Bohras in Karachi

Pakistan NGO depicts Bohra masjid in Urdu teaching mural

In a series of murals the Bohras' Taheri masjid is chosen to represent the Arabic letter ط (t) for Taheri Masjid.

'Miracle' baby was a joy and disappointment

'Miracle' baby was a joy and disappointment

As a child, Mrs Rosy Nakhooda was told by her mother that she had "to stand on your own feet; you don't have a choice. You have to have an education.

Aljameatus Saifiyah

Interns reflect on a visit to
A l-jameatus Saifiyah, Karachi

"Overall, my experience at the University took me by surprise because I would have never imagined being infatuated by a place targeting only one community."

msb pune art exhibition

MSB Pune Art Exhibition

The Art Spectacle was held at MSB from 29th August to 31st August 2016. On the 29th, students were involved in Card Making for Milad Celebrations followed by an Inter School Drawing Competition.

Madagascar medical camp reception

Madagascar Medical Camps

A team of doctors from Saifee Hospital, Mumbai implemented medical camps in Madagascar this week starting with Antananarivo and Tulear.

40% waste Izan

'IZAN RSVP': an app to prevent food waste

Food wastage is a worldwide problem. Whilst global food production is more than sufficient for the planet's entire population, the tragedy is that millions of tonnes goes straight into landfills, just as many go without, or with too little.

A return to our roots: a visit to the four Bohra masjids of Sri Lanka

A return to our roots: a visit to the four Bohra masjids of Sri Lanka

'An American Bohra returns with her family to rediscover their cultural roots in Sri Lanka'.
For my father, Sheikh Taherally Karimbhoy, the masjid of his adopted home in Colombo, Sri Lanka was more than just a place of worship.

Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif receives Syedna

Bhendi Bazaar: Urban India's largest ever makeover

There is verve in Bhendi Bazaar's air through the day. As early morning progresses to noon, the market situated in the heart of South Mumbai, turns into a shopping hub selling everything from carpets, antiques and lace, to apparels, hardware and religious paraphernalia.

Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif receives Syedna

Syedna calls on the pakistan prime Minister

A delegation led by His Holiness Dr Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin, Head of the Dawoodi Bohra Community called on Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif at PM House today.

Dr Syedna Taher Saifuddin

An interview with Syedna Taher Saifuddin from 1960.

On the occasion of his birth anniversary we bring you an interview with Syedna Taher Saifuddin from 1960.

Bohras of Bhabra - the small town community for whom a PM stopped

For any town to have their country's Prime Minister visit is something of a momentous occasion but for the small town of Bhabra in Madhya Pradesh

Partapur cycle rally - Independence Day

Partapur students' Independence Day cycle rally

Students hold cycle rally on Indian Independence Day, 2016

Leicester's Olympics themed tiffins

Leicester's Olympics themed tiffins

This summer has seen a world class roster of sporting events culminating in the ongoing Rio Olympic Games.

Alabama docs pull off miracle, save patient from massive aneurysm

Alabama docs pull off miracle, save patient from massive aneurysm

Dr Mustafa Ahmed is originally from Nottingham, England.

Fatema Merchant

Why a Big Law Associate Chooses to Wear Muslim Hijab

Some might question the ability of a Muslim to embody the ideals of being truly American


London Eid al-Fitr Program – Big Top Circus

On Sunday 17th July, Foursight Productions put on a wonderful Big Top spectacle event in celebration of Eid al-Fitr.

The Magnificent Mansions Of The Bohras Of Sidhpur

The Magnificent Mansions Of The Bohras Of Sidhpur

These Gujarati households are straight out of a fairytale.

Al-Qur'an Al-Kareem

Al-Qur'an Al-Kareem

Its Characteristics & Distinctions

Raudat Tahera Inauguration

Raudat Tahera Inauguration

Address by Syedna at Raudat Tahera

Karachi University Honours Syedna

Karachi University Honours Syedna

Leader of Bohra community awarded honorary degree

Aligarh's History With Du`aat

Aligarh's History With Du`aat

The association between Aligarh Muslim University and the du`aat mutlaqeen dates back
over 7 decades

Aligarh - 63rd annual convocation

Aligarh - 63rd annual convocation

HH Dr Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin's TUS first visit to Aligarh Muslim University as chancellor

Bohra leader makes a stop-over in Abu Dhabi

Bohra leader makes a stop-over in Abu Dhabi

Dr Saifuddin left a gentle reminder to the community for preparedness for fasting and

London Bohras Receive Mr Sadiq Khan MP

London Bohras Receive Mr Sadiq Khan MP

During his visit to London in March 2015 Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin gave an audience to

Reaching for the Skies

Reaching for the Skies

Reaching for the Skies, Feet Firmly on the

Chelmsford synagogue, Billerica mosque host event

Chelmsford synagogue, Billerica mosque host event

It was an afternoon to gather and share -

Burhani Leisure Park – Karachi, Pakistan

Burhani Leisure Park – Karachi, Pakistan

Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS inaugurated the Dawoodi Bohra worlds first dedicated

Learning Gujarati in Yemen

Learning Gujarati in Yemen

Bohras in Yemen

Bohras in Yemen

The Other Da Vinci Code

The Other Da Vinci Code

Saifee Hospital Inauguration Speech

Saifee Hospital Inauguration Speech

Saifee Hospital Inauguration Speech

A modern Bohri affair

The iftar fare on the streets is not remotely close to what's simmering in Bohri households today

Memories of a (friend's) college Ramadan

Memories of a (friend's) college Ramadan

Aziz has been my friend for more years than surely either of us can believe.

Bohras' month of penance for betterments of mankind

Bohras' month of penance for betterments of mankind

A little peep into the lifestyle of the Bohra community during the holy Ramadhan month

Leicester City Football Club's


Leicester City Football Club's remarkable triumph in this year's English Premier League football championship

Contractor fixed for Bhendi Bazaar revamp

Sbut quick link

Bohras' month of penance for better of mankind

Bohra Community celebrates Eid ul Fitr today

The Bohra Community, a group of Hyderabadi Muslims has announced it will be celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr on Tuesday.

The distinctive and delicious Bohra food

Eating traditions of Bohra Muslims

Dig into the 'thaal' to know more about the Bohra Muslim community's traditions and food.

The Dawoodi Bohras of Antananarivo

Antananarivo Bohras Host Iftaar Dinner

Honourable Muslim brothers and sisters were invited to share iftaar by the Dawoodi Bohras of Antananarivo, Madagascar this Shehre