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An FMB community kitchen in Canada

An FMB community kitchen in Canada

For the last four years a food security initiative, Faizul Mawaa'id al Burhaniyah has been launched in every Bohra jamaat around the world. Every Bohra house gets food cooked at their local community kitchen. This kitchen caters for a family meal every day of the week except Sundays.

Families are encouraged to contribute with the principle being that all the community members, well to do or not, participate to some degree thereby providing food to their fellow Bohras and also all partaking from a similara similat meal. Obviously the better off are encouraged to contribute more generously whilst those of lesser means may not be expected to contribute at all.

Quality, freshly cooked food to all members of the community, irrespective of their circumstances is thus provided to every member of the community. Apart from being a remarkable and novel solution to the food security issue of the day it has had the secondary effect of removing the daily burden of cooking from families - especially the womenfolk thus enabling them to pursue other work or interests. A prospect many have embraced enthusiastically.