Dawoodi Bohras to celebrate Syedna’s birthday today

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Dawoodi Bohras to celebrate Syedna’s birthday today

Devotees gather to celebrate Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddins's birthday
at Itwari Bohra Masjid, on Tuesday

The Times Of India

Nagpur: Grand celebrations are underway to celebrate Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin's 73rd birthday at Surat, his home city, along with other places including Nagpur.

Mohammed Burhanuddin was the 52nd Da'i al-Mutlaq of Dawoodi Bohras, their religious leader and guide. Husaina Banaraswala, a graduate says, "He is our everything, our guide and our spiritual guru."

When his second-eldest son Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin succeeded him as the 53rd religious leader, it was announced that Saifuddin would celebrate his birthday on his father's birthday. Celebrations are also underway to celebrate late Burhanuddin's 106th birthday. Burhanuddin passed away in January 2014.

"It is a grand day for all Dawoodi Bohras. It is as if it is the birthday of a senior family member," said Rashida Zoeb, a homemaker, adding, "We only celebrate the present Syedna's birthday. Since Syedna Saiffuddin's birthday falls on 23rd day of Ramzan, a time when Muslims are observing fasts, an announcement was made that he will celebrate his birthday on his father's birthday.

"The Bohra masjid in Itwari saw a gathering of worshippers to observe 'milad majlis', birthday celebrations, and greeted each other along with enjoying a feast on Tuesday, while the masjid in Shanti Nagar took out a procession.

After 11am on Wednesday, Syedna's discourse from Surat will be broadcast to all masjids, including the ones in Shanti Nagar and Mangalwari. "There is less charm in this year's celebrations since many members of the Bohra community have gone to Surat, where devotees from across the world have gathered. It is a historical place for our community and functions have been taking place since the last three or four days," said Hasnain Shakir, PR of Dawoodi Bohra Community Jamaat, Nagpur.

It would be wrong to go by the birth date in accordance with the English calendar. "This year, it is a coincidence that according to the English calendar, Burhanuddin's death anniversary is on January 17, along with his birthday eve. But we follow the Hijri calendar, which signals his birth celebrations," said Zoeb.

Speaking of Burhannudin's positive influence on the Bohra community, Saiffudin Sanawadwala says, "He has been instrumental in uplifting our community in all fields. He brought to us Qurzan Hasana scheme, through which we could avail of interest-free loans from our community."