Bohra community symposium pumps Sh125bn into economy

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Bohra community symposium

Dawoodi Bohras in Dar-es-Salaam

More than 31,000 members of the Bohra community from around the world, including their supreme leader, His Highness Dr Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin SahebTUS , gathered in Dar es Salaam to commemorate New Year celebrations, which kicked off on October 2 and ended on October 11, this year.

President John Magufuli yesterday acknowledged the social-economic benefits brought into the country by the Bohra community,

“I want you to understand precisely that development has no political affiliation. That is why the Bohra faithful, while in the country, slept in hotels which belong to members of diverse political affiliations,” President Magufuli said when laying the foundation stone for a University of Dar es Salaam students hostel along Sam Nujoma Road.

He noted that there were many opportunities for investment in the country and a market in the entire Southern Africa development community region which boasts of 400 million people.

While in the country, members of the Bohra community contributed a significant amount of money to various social-economic development projects in the country, including a donation for earthquake victims in Kagera region and desks to support a government effort to eliminate their scarcity in primary and secondary schools.