Bhendi Bazaar Redevelopment Scheme

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Bhendi Bazaar is a densely populated area in the middle of the city of Mumbai with flourishing age-old businesses and centuries old structures. Over the years the burgeoning number of inhabitants has taken its toll and the buildings have become dilapidated, public services and space overwhelmed and the entire area has been in severe need of a complete redevelopment.

For the Bohras Bhendi Bazaar holds a uniquely important place in their history for it is here that the largest of their masjids in Mumbai is located – Saifee Masjid as well as the mausoleum that houses the graves of the 51st and 52nd da`is; Raudat Tahera. The area is home to thousands of Dawoodi Bohras and many more brethren from other communities and it is now undergoing a major transformation by way of the Saifee-Burhani Upliftment Project (SBUP).

The redevelopment of this large chunk of Bhendi Bazaar is undoubtedly the most ambitious project ever undertaken by the Bohras. It is entirely privately funded and one of the largest urban redevelopment initiatives in the world. 3200 families, Bohra and non-Bohra, will be provided with new homes rebuilt significantly larger than their previous dwellings in modern, environmentally friendly towers.

The families have been moved to specially constructed 'transit' apartment blocks 2 and 3 miles from Bhendi Bazaar. An additional 1250 commercial establishments have been moved to a purpose built shopping arcade, until their new shops and premises are completed. SBUP will transform the area from one that has issues of sanitation, congestion and dilapidation into one of spaciousness, natural greenery, environmentally clean and a vastly improved quality of life.

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