US Congresswoman Lauds E. Brunswick Bohra ladies

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Congresswoman Watson-Coleman with Dr Cohen and ladies of East Brunswick jamaat

Congresswoman Watson-Coleman with Dr Cohen and ladies of East Brunswick jamaat

The Kunuuz (treasures) Premier League Talent Exhibition and Fair was held at al-Masjid al-Zainee, East Brunswick, New Jersey on Sunday December 4th. The talent exhibition was based on the 9 ‘signs’ of Al-Masjid al-Anwar; the 9 triumphs of Syedna Mohammed BurhanuddinRA in restoring the 10 th century Fatimid masjid in Cairo.

The program participants were young ladies aged 14-25 who put their talents and skills to work in drawing up ideas or projects that would be of benefit in protecting the planet. The young ladies were arranged in five groups and instructed to draw inspiration from the teachings of our saints and the words of Syedna Mufaddal SaifuddinTUS. Hifz ul Quran, (memorization of the Quran) which Syedna TUS repeatedly encourages, was to be included in all the projects.

The groups presented the following projects:

1) Fitness: Showed how a healthy diet and regular physical exercise were necessary. They showed the benefits of healthy breakfast and also showed a "Bohra workout".

2) Patch the Cracks: Showed how the teachings of Syedna TUS 2) could be a remedy for the global conflicts that we face. They showed the reflections of world leaders after meeting with SyednaTUS.

3) Bake for a Change: The ladies used their skills in baking healthy snacks the proceeds of which went to the ‘Make-a-Wish’ foundation for helping sick children. Healthy alternatives in baking were discussed.

4) Accumulating Good Deeds: Quilts had to be made using pieces of cloth from old clothes. They also created stunning pieces of art work from cloth. They showed how small efforts can make something beautiful. They exhibited the concept of upcycling, making something new out of something that would normally go to waste.

5) Photography: By using their photography skills this group presented how the Dawoodi Bohra Community is making the world a better place to live in.

United States Congresswoman for New Jersey 12 th District, Bonnie Watson Coleman, was the guest of honour. Accompanying her was Dr Penny Cohen, wife of East Brunswick Mayor-elect.

They toured all the exhibits with great interest. At the end the congresswoman addressed the gathering expressing how greatly inspired she was by the people and the exhibits she had seen.

Transcript of Congresswoman Watson-Coleman’s address

I don't know if I have any inspiring words but what I must tell you is that what I have experienced here today has inspired me. The connecting theme, the love and recognizing the gifts that were bestowed to us by God and using them to help mankind; recognize that our collectivity is what who makes us safe and healthy not only for this generation and generations of the future. How we treat our bodies helps us to expand our spirituality at the same time help our planning. How we patch the cracks that exist so there are no barriers before us, so that people understand and appreciate that differences make us stronger and make us a richer collective.

Just everything that I have experienced here how you take your wonderful gifts and talent and intellect and you put it together in such a way that you recognize your individuality and its impact on the larger collective is amazing to me and so I don’t know that I can give you inspiration but you, assuredly, gave it to me. For a community to be so driven by love and positivity and respect for one another as well as respect for other people who may be different that is what’s going to help us to survive. Speaking from experience, political experiences recently – very trying times.